Let's talk about matching your Brooks saddle

Let's talk about matching your Brooks saddle

We get a lot of questions from customers asking which of our bar tapes is the best match to their brooks saddle. This is actually a much more complex answer than most people think. Let’s talk a little bit about leather color matching and how leather colors can change over time.

Brooks saddles are made with a heavy Vegetable Tanned leather. These saddles wear in and shape to your seat over time, and as they wear the color of the saddle will often change as well. If you are searching for bar tapes that are an exact color match, you need to consider whether you want it to match a brand-new Brooks saddle, or one that has been worn in and weathered with time.

 Some of our leathers will maintain their color throughout their lifetime, while others will wear and change with use. Acorn is likely your best bet to match one of Brookes Honey saddles.

You are welcome to send a photo of your saddle to if you aren’t sure which bar tape will match your saddle best, and we are happy to advise.

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