New Product: Saddle Recover Kit

New Product: Saddle Recover Kit

For the last 10 years I’ve been wrapping saddles with bespoke leather covers. I started wrapping bmx saddles with thick leather that could withstand the abuse of crashes and damage typical of that type of riding and quickly moved into recovering saddles for mountain and road bikes as well.  6 years ago my wife Sandra joined the business and together we have saved hundreds of saddles from the landfill. We know that it’s hard to throw out a saddle you love just because the cover is ripped and we want to show you how you can recover your own saddle with one of our saddle wrap kits. 

Wrapping saddles with genuine leather hide is a craft and a little bit of instruction and knowledge can go a long way.  I’ve made thousands of mistakes wrapping saddles and learning how to fix your mistakes is critical to keeping your saddle wrap looking clean and professional.  The type of saddle you are covering will determine just how complex your wrap job will be. Some saddles are quite easy to wrap and others are quite hard. Simple shapes like, Fizik’s Arione, WTB Silverado and many BMX seats are quite straight forward to wrap and can be achieved by a novice and the simple instructions provided in our video. More complex saddles with large open channels or cut outs like SMP or Specialized Romin will require our pre cut saddle kits and require a little more experience and craft as well as an eye for precise alignment.  

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