Custom Saddle Recover - Deposit

$250.00 Regular price

We are reopening our custom bicycle saddle and custom bar tape books for a VERY limited edition run of 10 custom designed and manufactured leather saddle covers, with optional matching custom bar tape! Since we closed down our custom bike seat offerings in 2018 we have continued to receive requests and inquiries to reopen our custom books. Here is your chance to work directly with Carson Leh to create the custom saddle design you've been dreaming of. Saddle designs can feature almost any style, motif, color and leather type, though we reserve the right to reject designs based on artistic design or feasibility. You can browse our gallery of past works for inspiration for your saddle and email or call us to discuss your concept. A fully refundable $250 deposit is required to reserve your space in our custom queue and saddles will be made in a first come, first served order. Custom saddle pricing will be based on design complexity and materials used and will be confirmed before any design and construction work is done. Due to the strain this places on Carson's hands, there is a firm cap of 10 saddles in this limited offering.

We can recover your existing saddle or you can purchase a new saddle directly through us. If you plan to send in your existing saddle you must first place a deposit, thoroughly clean your saddle, label it with your name, and contact us first to let us know your saddle is on its way.

Custom saddle wraps are fully designed to meet your concept around the saddle of your choice. We design from the ground up a unique cover based on your specifications. We are very excited to reopen this service on a limited basis. Once these 10 slots are claimed, we will open a waiting list should anyone drop out of the queue for any reason. For possible future limited edition runs, we will reach out to the folks on this waiting list first.