Leather Bar Tape / Lead Brown

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Our leather handlebar tape is made from 6ft+ seamless leather strips with smooth finished edges. This is long enough to fit padding underneath the bar tape. This leather bar wrap will also fit odd shaped and Ergo bars for most bicycles. 

Lead Brown has a smooth grain and is hot stuffed with oils and waxes to accomplish a clear see-through finish and wonderful pull up. The hide starts deep brown and as it’s wrapped it lightens and reveals a multi toned grey with hints of browns. These hides are made with a hot waxed tanning technique that highlights the natural tones and rich colors of this leather, and will be enhanced over time in both feel and appearance. We highly recommend you condition this hide after installing it.

This tape comes in three styles:

Classic Tape- This is our smoothest style. It is simple, no decorations and lets the texture and grain of the leather shine. This style is best if you prefer to ride without gloves and like a smooth feel.

Stitched- Stitching offers an additional layer of grip to the surface as well as providing some visual texture and color to the tape. We offer custom color stitched options. 

Stitched and Perforated- S&P tape offers the most visual decoration but does not offer much additional grip. S&P tape should be conditioned more due to the perforations allowing more surface area for sweat or water to infiltrate.

Each set comes with finishing cord and leather capped cork bar ends.

Handmade in Austin, TX.

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